Clip for Clipframes - Large Format

Clip for Clipframes - Large Format
Clip for Clipframes - Large Format
Brand: Quadro Frames
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This clip is intended for hanging clip frames with glass panels 18x24 and larger.
Clip flares to 3x width on back side for additional load carrying capacity.
Use one clip top-center for hanging frames
Clip appears like a regular 11mm. clip from the front..

Clips used to assemble Quadro Clipframes.

Clips snap into machined grooves on backing panels and slide to any position.

Use any number of clips on a frame, position anywhere.

Clipframes will hang directly from the cutout in the back of any clip.

Ultra-secure design.
Clips snap on anywhere but will not pop off 
Clips are designed to slide off the ends of the frame.


Clips work with 1/8" thick grooved backing panels.

Clips will accommodate approximately 3/16" of thickness in addition to 1/8" backing panel.

(Glass/Plastic/Mattes/Images can not exceed a total thickness of 3/16").

Material is bright nickel plated spring steel.
Clip Width is
Clip area visible from front is approximately 2mm. x 11 mm. (1/16" x 1/2").

Replacement or additional clips for Quadro Clipframes.

Clips can also be used with appropriately machined backing panels to produce custom sized clip frames.
See product  images for specifications of groove requirements. 

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